Bankruptcy: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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John Oliver details why people file for bankruptcy, how needlessly difficult the process can be, and the ways we can better serve people struggling with debt.
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cave lee
cave lee преди час
Thanks Oliver, and I totally agree to all u said. Some people just have poor spending habits though. I don't feel sorry people who suffer for poor spending habits. ( Leaving beyond their means)
Gary преди 2 часа
Yo @sanjosesharks & @evanderkane_9 take some notes
Ismael Bandekhodaei Diazy
Ismael Bandekhodaei Diazy преди 3 часа
Wait a second, you can buy a full house in Indianapolis for $80,000?! Like an actual house?
Carl Lister
Carl Lister преди 5 часа
john oliver - left wing piss ant with loads of property investments in working class suburbs.
Bryan Mitchell
Bryan Mitchell преди 5 часа
If your getting a degree that doesn’t pay enough to pay the loans off you shouldn’t get the loan.
Logan Rolls
Logan Rolls преди 7 часа
I heard they are adding Hercules to the Marvel movies. I think John Oliver would be the best Hercules I mean look at those boulder shoulders. Clearly the perfect choice for a jacked superhero.
CC Advising
CC Advising преди 7 часа
We respond to John Oliver:
Darcy Lane
Darcy Lane преди 8 часа
UGHHH WHY DOES THIS SHOW SUCK THIS YEAR!?? I love John Oliver. Who's writing this shit now?
Michelle Rockhill
Michelle Rockhill преди 8 часа
$3000 all day at a minimum.
T jep
T jep преди 8 часа
Oh hell Kevin O'Leary is such a POS.
Toni Glick
Toni Glick преди 11 часа
When I got married to a Canadian, I discovered my credit history had not traveled with me to Canada. Clean slate! For awhile, student loan creditors were calling me to threaten lawsuits but since it would cost more than my loans value to pursue, that's not gonna happen.
automotive преди 12 часа
Yup socialism for the rich , Capitalism for the poor
Curtis Johnston
Curtis Johnston преди 12 часа
6:00 "Banks are giving out credit with a reckless disregard for the consumer's ability to repay". This is precisely what the banks did in 1928. A little less than a year later on Oct 24 1929 the 2nd greatest economic crash in modern history occurred. It happened again in 1987 (3rd largest) and again in 2008 (largest). It happens every single time regulations on financial institutions are reduced. We must understand that financial institutions are not out for our best interests. We have to become smarter people. I've been saying this for years: Math class should be about money. I have never used trigonometry or calculus in my life since high school.
Sean Webb
Sean Webb преди 12 часа
Are you proposing bat celibacy?
Alex Batista
Alex Batista преди 12 часа
I’ve always thought it was called chapter 11!? Maybe for business?
seigeengine преди 10 часа
There's six different ones.
Sean Webb
Sean Webb преди 13 часа
Todd and Allison still shop at Whole Foods.
Sean Webb
Sean Webb преди 13 часа
Is there a link for the leather thong? Asking for a friend.
Sean Webb
Sean Webb преди 9 часа
@seigeengine Watch the video.
seigeengine преди 10 часа
wtf are you talking about?
Sean Webb
Sean Webb преди 13 часа
Did O'Leary and his wife seriously injure and kill people with intoxicated boating?
NiftySquares преди 13 часа
It's not the "best" choice....It's Spacer's Choice!
borek772 преди 13 часа
There is one thing I genuinely don't get about crippling student loan. Why not say fuck it and emigrate to Europe, Canada, Japan, Australia or New Zealand? There are plenty of countries out there with similar (if not better) standard of living than US and all of them will gladly welcome English speaking, well educated worker. Sure, your debt in US would continue to grow at infinity, but that is only an issue if you want to work or own property in US. It would not stop you from visiting your friends & family, or even working remotely. Also, there is a good chance that there will be debt forgiveness program coming in upcoming decades.
cero преди 15 часа
I'm a little bit with Biden here when he de facto admits that the system is completely broken but bankruptcy isn't the solution. A bankruptcy system can only work if it is quite unlikely to get bankrupt. If everyone with a high student debt could apply for bankruptcy, the system would be turned ad absurdum. So I'm afraid that America must take the unpleasant route. First, fix your healthcare system. Second, fix your education system. Third, fix your bankruptcy system.
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty преди 16 часа
here lets make it harder for you to use that rather than work on what brought you to it"
Pedro Ramos
Pedro Ramos преди 16 часа
Going bankrupt for bad financial decisions ( like going on a Caribbean vacation on a credit card while not having a decent job) isn’t immoral. Going bankrupt for medical reasons like cancer, shame on the system…
Joe Merica
Joe Merica преди 16 часа
Wait til Biden's insane spending wipes out everyone's savings with inflation and makes it impossible to buy a home or anything else. THEN watch the bankruptcies roll in, while REITs and VC firms buy up all the residential real estate. Its already started.
Joe Merica
Joe Merica преди час
@seigeengine Brilliant rebuttal.
seigeengine преди 10 часа
Stop screeching.
bassmickeyd преди 17 часа
In America most bankruptcies are medical and happen after someone has retired from earning, maybe because of age or health, and more dependant on a system which is set up to pillage your golden years rather than eaze you through them. ... And more and more suicides can be linked to demoralizing bankruptcy laws.
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty преди 16 часа
Iwont Remember
Iwont Remember преди 20 часа
do you struggle this hard when you have your wife in bed?
Alice Putt
Alice Putt преди 23 часа
This is why I was against Biden originally, his Bankruptcy Law. It was written by MNSB of Delaware .
Alice Putt
Alice Putt преди 23 часа
The bankruptcy laws left the loopholes for billionaires like Trump who has used it numerous times but stopped it for poor people who really needed it. Particularly medical and student debt.
seigeengine преди 10 часа
That's really oversimplifying it, but okay.
generalnawaki преди ден
the united states is an elitist shit hole where the rich get richer off the suffering of people left out to die once they're used up. the nation as a whole deserves to go under and be absorbed by Canada and Mexico, at least that way the people will have some protection from the actions of the politicians that are in the pockets of the corporations and no none of us are fooled.
Kenneth Cochrane
Kenneth Cochrane преди ден
CRA seized my account and took my welfare check and I couldn’t even afford to eat let alone pay for bankruptcy.
Lord of Dunvegan
Lord of Dunvegan преди ден
The credit card companies are the banks, institutions that never lose money. They give almost nothing for our bank accounts but soak us with loans and interest rates. The banks are not your friends. The evil of compound interest that the banks so much enjoy should be condemned and outlawed. The best solution is not use credit cards at all but if you have to use the card make sure you pay it off at the end of the month. Don't give the banks that interest cash!
900fps 900fps
900fps 900fps преди ден
bluntly CRIME PAYS it pay well ..
Katarina Carrico
Katarina Carrico преди ден
That man feeding the hot dogs to the raccoons looked so happy! Also, it's ridiculous people have to pay for bankruptcy. I think Warren's bill sounds great-- better than what we have going on right now. I believe the stigma around bankruptcy stems from the belief we shouldn't get help from the government. So to combat the stigma around bankruptcy, we need to accept that it's okay to get help. Sadly, not everyone has done that yet, and even I have to remind myself I need help sometimes, but if we confront the stereotypes, we can change more people's minds.
PG Plays Video Games
PG Plays Video Games преди ден
how is divorce caused by bad luck? can somebody who hasn't been married get divorced? you choose to get married. you risk divorce by choosing to get married. It's going to be your responsibility/fault if you get divorced
Tim Schmidt
Tim Schmidt преди ден
Why am I *just now* hearing about Chicken Fries?!
Warren NZ
Warren NZ преди ден
I don't think I enjoy watching any BGpost videos more than John Oliver's. Straight to the core of the matter and *_uncensored._*
Nathan Daggett
Nathan Daggett преди ден
I absolutely LOVE the Magnolia ref!
Will Hull
Will Hull преди ден
Hey Jon, do a story on Australian immigration detention facilities. Thanks.
kazuya99ace преди ден
How can you have a master's from NYU and still be ignorant to the fact that student debt can not be cleared through filing for bankruptcy? What kind of education are they providing that teaches people to be recklessly uninformed?
seigeengine преди 10 часа
The trouble with not knowing you don't know something is you don't know you don't know it to know you need to find out about it.
Plant Lady 666
Plant Lady 666 преди ден
J Knoll
J Knoll преди ден
You should talk about electrial injury, an invisible iceberg injury. I can connect you with the only two hospitals in North America that research and treat it. I'm considering a consumer proposal even after having a diagnosis from a man ranked #2 in the world in this Injury. No help even in Canada.
shydreamguy wantsaboyfriend
shydreamguy wantsaboyfriend преди ден
Referring to the...he just filed for bankruptcy then was sent a credit card scenario. there was a news story about a Convicted Paedophile who just got out of prison received info he didn't ask for on becoming a Boy Scout Leader .
haladu abubakar
haladu abubakar преди ден
massage him on WhatsApp
haladu abubakar
haladu abubakar преди ден
haladu abubakar
haladu abubakar преди ден
Lovev's life true love Never die I know a great and powerful healer that can get back your ex or crua without delay Just forever within 48hours he helped me too immediately
leaf16nut преди ден
Kevin would rather have a wife that murders people with their boat while half in the bag, than invest with someone who’s declared bankruptcy..
haladu abubakar
haladu abubakar преди ден
massage him on WhatsApp
haladu abubakar
haladu abubakar преди ден
haladu abubakar
haladu abubakar преди ден
Lovev's life true love Never die I know a great and powerful healer that can get back your ex or crua without delay Just forever within 48hours he helped me too immediately
Rock girl
Rock girl преди ден
people feel when the credit card offers roll in: desperately confused.
L Alexander
L Alexander преди ден
Student loans. It needs to be eligible.
MrBusDrivr преди ден
Oh, so "The uploader has made the video unavaiable in your country?" Well, unsubscribe is the thing to do, then.... Fuck you very much, HBO....
Thorsanvil Peter
Thorsanvil Peter преди ден
Honestly couldn't relate to the student debt, Canada for a bachelors degree in Ottawa its about 40k, 10k ishh a year if you live with parents. OSAP essentially gives it all to you, and 4k is a bursary. They have found some decent stats that showed for every dollar spent they get n more dollars back into the economy, when tax money pays for higher education. As much as the gov here is slow gotta appreciate what you have sometimes.
Rock girl
Rock girl преди ден
Your show is depressing. Still funny but not in a fun way.
Barb Watts
Barb Watts преди ден
Also, Kevin and his wife on a boat in the Muskokas in the dark of night...
Seriöser Typ
Seriöser Typ преди ден
20:41 me after being vaccinated against rabies
Micah Bell
Micah Bell преди ден
Yvonne York
Yvonne York преди ден
Thanks for the reminder of how then Senator Joe Biden helped strip bankruptcy protection from millions just before a recession by championing the 2005 bankruptcy bill to keep the credit card industry happy in his home state of Delaware.
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan преди ден
John ended this segment so fast; it felt like if he didn’t leave then, they’d lock him in the void for the week.
psshht ya ok
psshht ya ok преди ден
The fact that you go after Biden for his past voting record is why I trust you John. - Sincerely, the actual left.
seigeengine преди 10 часа
He's honestly being kind of misleading about it, but good enough for a pass.
Frederick Setjadiningrat
Frederick Setjadiningrat преди ден
John oliver with his contents who always show me how my naive childhood aspiration to be born in USA is actually a financial living hellhole for anyone except the richest where the american dream is the cruelest irony
J. O. Quantaman
J. O. Quantaman преди ден
Liz Warren has the right idea. We need a socioeconomic system that doesn't entice folks to risk excessive buying on credit.
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan преди ден
Maybe you need a degree in something useful and not global affairs
Lauren Holm
Lauren Holm преди 2 дни
I went to a community legal aide organization. I brought my case to them and they put me in contact with a lawyer who took my case pro bono and they only made me pay $350 for the financial courses. I am still thankful for their help.
Angela Kournikova
Angela Kournikova преди 2 дни
most people have experienced somekind of debt before building their wealth
Jesse Ward
Jesse Ward преди 2 дни
April 2020 "I know its weird having this void background but due to the Covid-19 pandemic we have been forced to move out of our studio" April 2021 "hey get the fuck out of my void. It belongs to me"
peter borel
peter borel преди 2 дни
Why would I want to be trapped in a White Void for half an hour with John Oliver? ...Yet I watched the whole episode....
Jacques Lapierre
Jacques Lapierre преди 2 дни
I am so happy to not live in america
Justin преди 2 дни
I'm Canadian and any other Canadians were getting war flashbacks from the horrors when Kevin O'Leary tried to run for the national leadership of the Conservative Party as a Trump like candidate and it looked like he might've gotten it if he didn't drop out? Also, my mom went bankrupt when I was 2 in 1996 when my dad took everything from her and she still doesn't have the credit to get a mortgage for a house. But for the most part she's recovered well and her credit score is okay.
Thomas McQueen
Thomas McQueen преди 2 дни
Your show is depressing. Still funny but not in a fun way.
0H3353 преди 2 дни
Yeah....I do this for a living and this being the only episode topic I have a deep understanding of. I'm wondering how widely inaccurate the rest of the topics they cover are.
Simon Sieverts
Simon Sieverts преди 2 дни
Please do a show on Steven Donziger, at best before his case on May 10th. Please?
radomir преди 2 дни
His voice makes me super depressed it's disgusting!
The Big Red Leaf
The Big Red Leaf преди 2 дни
Poverty is often caused by bad conditions, not bad decisions
Ethan Ding
Ethan Ding преди 2 дни
Five names on my free past list: 5. Wolf Plate 4. Toucan Sticker 3. John Cena 2. Adam Driver 1. *THAT HORSE*
Jim Mulvaney
Jim Mulvaney преди 2 дни
I will say that the Credit Counseling Course I sought out (not required to take) was extremely helpful. They got my payments down to a single, manageable monthly payment, they provided me the actual TEXT BOOK (minus cost of s&h) and I learned a duck-ton of info on credit cards, credit scores, student loans, personal loans, and even things that as a millennial I have no interest in like mortgages. Then when I completed the course I kept my payments, they got two of my creditors to discharge my debt completely, added a note to my report that I passed the course and I am now well on my way to rebuilding my score. Last but not least Elizabeth Warren had my vote before she ran for any office. I was ecstatic when she became one of my Senators and over-joyed when she decided to run for President. I saw her in the documentary "Maxed Out" as the Harvard Law Professor and she instantly won me over. I have been following her ever since.
Mylisa M
Mylisa M преди 2 дни
“Get the fuck out of my void” 😂
J D преди 2 дни
Maybe you need a degree in something useful and not global affairs
Dewaldt преди 2 дни
Or just a useful skill.
Cody Muñoz
Cody Muñoz преди 2 дни
i find it funny how so many people in politices make the statement "so your asking the people to pay it for you." well... essentially yes! BECAUSE THE SYSTEM IS BROKEN AND WONT HELP ME!!! if the system wasnt broken, i wouldnt have to ask my fellow citizens. (refering to the responce biden gave 17:20)
Josh Gummett
Josh Gummett преди 2 дни
Such a good video (as always!) just sad you didn’t credit “James Blackwood Racoon” for the amazing Racoon videos!
talktometzger преди 2 дни
John Oliver is a puppet of Big Pharma.
Christopher Caume
Christopher Caume преди 2 дни
I wish my credit card had Snoopy on it
netnaimo преди 2 дни
Loveya John... I'm curious to know what percentage of bankruptcies are people just being irresponsible? Because it seems to me that when we think of people claiming bankruptcy we tend to think of people being irresponsible. Lucky for me I live in Canada where we don't have to worry so much about medical bills.
Brazylilionare Woods brazyl
Brazylilionare Woods brazyl преди 2 дни
Once again you’ve put done your self and I loved the cartoon great job John! 👍⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Guillaume Poirier
Guillaume Poirier преди 2 дни
Things are no different in Canada. Just different name. I had to file after my house burned down. My ex, with whom I’d shared 50/50 custody of our children, saw the loss of my house an an opportunity to try and strong-arm the children away from me. She bought a house in a city 5 hours away and moved our children there. I had to fight her 2 years in court not to lose my kids, all while trying to put our lives together. We lived in our rebuilt home less than a year before I defaulted on my house payments. 2 years later I lost my job, during Covid, and I haven’t been able to find work since. Now my “chapter 13” (called differently here) will likely turn in a “chapter 7”. Had I just filed chapter 7 from the start, I’d be clear by now. But because I was making “good money” prior to losing my job, I was told I was too “wealthy” to file. 🤦🏻‍♂️
sokin jon
sokin jon преди 2 дни
I wanna greet everyone like John and say "moving on" instead of "hello".
D Bone
D Bone преди 2 дни
I'm glad he pointed out that was a cartoon version of him.
D Bone
D Bone преди 2 дни
Anyone else want to go on a road trip to Windsor Heights for some Dairy Queen?
Yoloswagcopter преди 2 дни
Yooo Nova Scotia racoon man gang rise upp
D Bone
D Bone преди 2 дни
I was expecting it to be "Bankruptcy you might know it as that thing the former president filed for repeatedly despite being a "very good businessman."
D Bone
D Bone преди 2 дни
@sokin jon For the Great Pumpkin filing for bankruptcy?
sokin jon
sokin jon преди 2 дни
Then, blame the Dems...
IcanFartLOUD преди 2 дни
A bankruptcy lawyer told me it costs $120.00 for filing reorganizing bankruptcy...not $1000.00
nandish cs
nandish cs преди 2 дни
Pay the bills,
M Mac
M Mac преди 2 дни
I worked at an American bank. I talked to people every single day going bankrupt. I also talked to people every single day BEGGING for money for medical bills. Often these people were insured with ridiculous exclusions or policy loopholes. Here's a 100% true story. This guy had a promo for 0% interest on a card. He took the $50,000 cash and invested it in some investment vehicle like a bond with low risk but he'd profit a bit from it. He was in a car accident and slipped into a coma for 2 months. He missed 2 payments and triggered a rate change from 0% to 29.99% retroactive to the beginning of the loan. 50k @ 29.99% retro for 18 months. Roughly $27,000 in interest.
Gnome de Plume
Gnome de Plume преди 2 дни
I have an even better idea for bankruptcy reform where if you upload a video of yourself feeding hotdogs to raccoons all your debts are forgiven
Liz Coleman
Liz Coleman преди 2 дни
So f*cking depressing. ugh
ItziBitzie преди 2 дни
11:30... are you ok buddy... this pandemics really taking a toll huh... hang in there mate... hang in there
ItziBitzie преди 2 дни
11:50... are you ok buddy... this pandemics really taking a toll huh... hang in there mate... hang in there
Rami Al-Jiab
Rami Al-Jiab преди 2 дни
14:42 see john's small smirk at the irony of him doing the same thing as giving credit counselling
nath hunt
nath hunt преди 2 дни
John, your a legit dude
cyfkilla преди 3 дни
What about that time Kevin O’Leary and his wife killed some people on that boat?
Kaleigh MacKay
Kaleigh MacKay преди 3 дни
wait a minute..................the country that is SO opposed to "socialism" is allowing irresponsible people (most who had money to begin with) to declare bankruptcy (cause they fucked up) and then all the rest of you are covering their costs? How is that not a safety net?!?!
Garrett Ruffaner
Garrett Ruffaner преди 3 дни
When corporations cause problems that make them rich, they change the public conversation and lobby so the burden is on the individual - debt/bankruptcy, and littering & trash to name a couple.
ales teoli
ales teoli преди 3 дни
Can’t wait to hear the cheers again
randy t
randy t преди 3 дни
But Manchin is right. Every time Dems use any power to progress their agenda, Repulsicans take it to the nth degree to screw even their own constituents, let alone democrats. Then, blame the Dems...
Wyatt Tanton
Wyatt Tanton преди 3 дни
In the grand list of things that make Kevin O’Leary radioactive, it’s impressive that “Terrible leadership candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada who crashed and burned all over the campaign trail and then bailed last second so he didn’t have to suffer the indignity of losing” didn’t make the list.
undefined478 преди 3 дни
You're not funny.
Ravana Brahma Rakshas
Ravana Brahma Rakshas преди 3 дни
do NOT pay tax. do NOT pay your debt. let the goverment and banks go and eat SHIT and die.
Cynthia n/a
Cynthia n/a преди 3 дни
I wish you could do a Canadian bankruptcy version of this episode.
CJ Cayer
CJ Cayer преди 11 часа
Canada could really use our own LWT tbh
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