Raids: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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John Oliver explains how raids became a favorite tool of police, how few guardrails there are on their use, and what we should do about that.
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Matt Sena
Matt Sena преди 11 часа
Not throwing a horseshoe or hand grenade into a baby's crib is a generally good rule to follow for everyone
Chrypton H. Draper
Chrypton H. Draper преди 23 часа
John Olivier somehow forgot the best line from police-themed musical media: 🎵“Love is not admissible evidence.”🎶
legendhero 45
legendhero 45 преди ден
Oh no, moments of this video are so very very terrible and so very very horrible.
minoliti преди ден
It is never about drugs...It is about racism. Why they stop something they do on purpose? #usaisnodemocracy
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith преди ден
You should have included Dennis Tuttle and Rhoegena Nichols, who initially were called dirtbags by the FOP. They weren’t minorities and likely conservative Trump supporting Blue Lives Matter types, but even those people aren’t safe from raids.
Benjamin Maynard
Benjamin Maynard преди ден
those pigs that grenaded the baby deserve public execution , change my mind.
Jenne Kaivo
Jenne Kaivo преди ден
It takes me more than 20 seconds to answer the door if I knew you were coming yesterday and you show up at exactly the scheduled time!
Dominic Tétrault
Dominic Tétrault преди 2 дни
''Maybe they shouldn't have fucking grenades'' makes sense even without any context surrounding it. The suggestion stands on it's own, no matter who we are talking about. Sadly, much of those raids smelled like someone calling the police to scare away unwanted neighbours or people they wanted taken out. This is what targetting someone and using clueless police just for that can really look like.
Zack Clark
Zack Clark преди 2 дни
Police bullies do what they want . Beating people and tearing things up.
King S
King S преди 2 дни
Swats for Marijuana? if we had this in Canada then 85% of all homes would have been raided by police base on "Smell" When you are travelling within Canada, you may possess up to 30 grams of dried cannabis or its equivalent, if you meet the minimum age requirement of the province or territory you are in. It's your responsibility to learn the laws of the province or territory you are going to, before you travel. And if i get arrested for carrying 30 grams of marijuana i can press charges agains't the police officer who arrested me and highly likely i will win that case without ease. the rules are as follows: - 150 grams of fresh cannabis - 450 grams of edible products - 2,100 grams of liquid products - 5 grams of concentrates (solid or liquid) - 30 cannabis plant seeds In other words Welcome to Canada
ashley k
ashley k преди 3 дни
republicans be like "maybe don't live next to suspected criminals"
ashley k
ashley k преди 3 дни
if i was told to shut up while my sons face was blown off by a flash grenade i would be dead
Laurie Guilbeau
Laurie Guilbeau преди 4 дни
It's so easy to get the police to raid somebody that it's now a thing called "swatting"
Maria Heshmat
Maria Heshmat преди 4 дни
Just tell me where I can watch cop rock, so I can refocus on the rest of this episode please
Frode Hammer
Frode Hammer преди 4 дни
now we save:)
Frode Hammer
Frode Hammer преди 4 дни
we have the sosial structur, in corona time we travel. If the FU airlines could fly!
Xhumed преди 4 дни
Also apparently cops can't tell the difference between a Taser and a handgun.
FOertel преди 4 дни
Seriously, I only see the "You don't have to shout" scene and I want to hit that doorram in their face for THAT alone...
Righteously Humble In Jesus’ Way
Righteously Humble In Jesus’ Way преди 4 дни
Law enforcement are, ironically, addicted to drugs as well. In their own way. They will see it for what it is one day. Hopefully, that won’t be too late.
Ostentatiousnessness преди 5 дни
For all its faults the London police have the right idea; the regular bobbies and other patrol officers have no firearms and only a truncheon, and their armed TRG is only ever called out when the threat of someone losing their life is confirmed.
Jean Tremblay
Jean Tremblay преди 5 дни
Maybe if a pig got shot everytime they do a raid, they'd stop that shit. #acab
Khánh Bảo Đoàn
Khánh Bảo Đoàn преди 5 дни
But we know that the cops in the US (and in may countries around the world) loves to play with power. Raiding someone's home has a high chance of allowing them to play with their military-graded toys on unarmed people who can't fight back.
Long Quang
Long Quang преди 5 дни
Only raids that r ok r the ones targeting crooked criminals with known criminal ties like Rudy Giuliani lol
Rita Taylor
Rita Taylor преди 5 дни
Make the use but not the abuse of drugs legal.🌬️
Ferdizzle преди 5 дни
Didn't they also have the wrong house with Briana Taylor? He didn't mention that.
backtothefutureman1 преди 6 дни
“You broke into the wrong house fool!”
RedChili 69
RedChili 69 преди 6 дни
Then when they break down the wrong door, you then have to pay for the door that THEY mistakenly broke though.
Elle преди 6 дни
Even with all this, republicans who claim to be “libratarians” will defend the police state what a shame
Elle преди 6 дни
———————————— преди 7 дни
I’m subscribed but I never see your videos in my subscription box
Bryn Robertson
Bryn Robertson преди 7 дни
Decriminalize all drugs, revoke military-grade equipment, defund BYRNE and other police programs and make racial profiling illegal and punishable by jail time
Colin Johnston
Colin Johnston преди 7 дни
John literally didn’t mention the fact Taylor died in crossfire. As in her BF was shooting and the cops shooting. He said it as if they mistook her apartment for the range.
We are all born mad
We are all born mad преди 4 дни
They may as well have. It doesn't make any difference, seeing as they invaded a home in the middle of the night.
catfish42050 преди 7 дни
6 minute mark, are you saying communities with higher rates of crime have more police raids, but that's a bad thing because of racism?
catfish42050 преди 4 дни
How about a quote from the Justice department on their statistics "Between 1980-2008, the U.S. Department of Justice found that 93% of Black victims were killed by Black offenders." But please keep blaming the white cops if that makes you feel better
We are all born mad
We are all born mad преди 4 дни
No, he's saying that black communities are being shot at by people who should protect them. Try to pay attention.
xSaraxMxNeffx преди 8 дни
now all i know for sure is that i need to watch cop rock
John Doa
John Doa преди 8 дни
Only MERIKA would have COP ROCK God bless MERIKA
Anthony Mort
Anthony Mort преди 8 дни
I looked up baby merchant duuuuuuuuuude
Matthew Shiers
Matthew Shiers преди 8 дни
Today I learned that in 2014, a cop in the USA threw a live grenade into the bed of an infant child. The fuck is wrong with you people?! How is this possible!? How was this ever allowed to happen?!
Lucess преди 2 дни
@Cheek Boy yes... just a little accident
Cheek Boy
Cheek Boy преди 5 дни
It was a flash bang and it was an accident.
Raiyan Khan
Raiyan Khan преди 8 дни
He will win an Emmy for this episode. Keep up the excellent work my man
Colin Wilson
Colin Wilson преди 8 дни
You gotta love that Governor saying he would draw a gun on the police raiding his home. Firstly there is about 10 of them running into your home and they just want to shoot something. But secondly he is white. He clearly does not understand the privilege that affords him of it being highly unlikely to ever happen to him.
jabir bashir
jabir bashir преди 9 дни
Fuck free country , I live i Somalia a totally 3rd world country and the police don’t shoot as many people and do not invade peoples houses handcuff them naked
jabir bashir
jabir bashir преди 4 дни
@We are all born mad thanks man ❤
We are all born mad
We are all born mad преди 4 дни
I'd take Somalia over USA any day. Greetings from Poland.
Tony Murphy
Tony Murphy преди 9 дни
You're wrong, John. If you combined all Batman villains into one, you wouldn't get Geraldo, you'd get Joel Osteen, with the added bonus that he is genuinely a supervillain.
marksummers преди 9 дни
As someone with family in law enforcement, I find this beyond shameful, embarrassing, and fucking revolting. Every single officer involved in these bad raids should be held responsible, and the commanding officers in charge should be fired. Fuck this shit.
Finn Nicholson-Crotty
Finn Nicholson-Crotty преди 10 дни
Defund the police
Lucess преди 2 дни
@Cheek Boy education and social welfare programs for example
Cheek Boy
Cheek Boy преди 3 дни
@Finn Nicholson-Crotty What stops it better?
Finn Nicholson-Crotty
Finn Nicholson-Crotty преди 3 дни
@Cheek Boy so we can put more funds into things that actually stop crime
Cheek Boy
Cheek Boy преди 5 дни
Caitie преди 11 дни
... cop... rock?
Léo Zaffran
Léo Zaffran преди 11 дни
abolish the police
Cheek Boy
Cheek Boy преди 5 дни
Tabby Creates
Tabby Creates преди 11 дни
Congratulations John. thanks to your endorsement of Baby Merchant, the video for Baby Merchant is now the top result when you search it on BGpost.
Sean O'Reilly
Sean O'Reilly преди 11 дни
John Oliver is misleading
Sean O'Reilly
Sean O'Reilly преди 8 дни
@NeoMegaRyuMK2 I'm glad you love it
NeoMegaRyuMK2 преди 8 дни
I love how you provide exactly zero specific examples of your claim and how you make absolutely no effort to provide accurate information.
Jared Schnabl
Jared Schnabl преди 11 дни
Maybe America wasn’t ready for Cop Rock in 1990. In the era where shows like B99 & Glee and movies like Pitch Perfect are all the rage, maybe Cop Rock could’ve lasted... 12 or 13 episodes.
Mitchell Anderson
Mitchell Anderson преди 11 дни
*Sees them talking about when grenades go bad* I remember that one time... *They bring in parents* OH...oh god no.
catman517 преди 11 дни
This guy is a class A-1 Dousche Nozzle I wish someone would take him out. I mean take him off the air. He’s the reason I don’t get HBO
Ameria Jones
Ameria Jones преди 11 дни
I can’t believe such an incompetent and rather “me popo. me have gun, it go bang” mentality exists in a job where you’re supposed to be protecting us. Instead, we got those cops probably sending that video of them busting through that now traumatized man’s door to their group chat like “LOLOLOL😂 This was epic”, cops who just...break in without warning, cops who fire blindly, in panic, or they got trigger happy-throwing grenades into children’s cribs (thank God that kid didn’t die), cops who have no idea what they’re doing or where they’re supposed to be going, and cops with no sense of respect. What do you expect when you break in a random woman’s home and she, probably scared for her life, can’t even get dressed quick enough before being cuffed and then have the nerve to tell the poor woman not to yell🥴 You broke into a WOMAN’S house where she wasn’t even in clothing and cuffed her naked anyway. What, were you planning to take her to the station in her birthday suit, what’s going on💀💀
sufiheart преди 11 дни
I dont understand why people are against reforms for their own good, in order to save their fellow americans from harm and trauma. Save their tax payer money on excessive spending and on settling of lawsuits for actions that should never of been taken. Why?
NeoMegaRyuMK2 преди 8 дни
Because some believe that the status quo is fine and that reforms would benefit people they think are unworthy of gaining things.
Lamar Davis
Lamar Davis преди 12 дни
Yo that bit about smoking weed and having $50 worth of Subway cookies.....oh yeah that's 100% accurate
J Ross
J Ross преди 12 дни
If our military members did this crap, or got stuff this badly wrong... they'd be in federal prison.
We are all born mad
We are all born mad преди 4 дни
That's a rather optimistic assumption...
DRENS2131 преди 12 дни
David K
David K преди 12 дни
Thank you John, again and again. You are teaching me all of the time,and exposing me to things I really had no idea were going on here. Things that make the USA not-very-american. I'm not sure how effective laws are, or if this doesn't just demand people be actually educated in more than shooting people if they are given a gun.
Justin Mix
Justin Mix преди 12 дни
That “Baby Merchant” was thee most unbelievably hilarious thing I’ve EVER seen in my life is the only way I’m believing it was a real song performed on a show on ABC in 1990, and they didn’t have to had made it up for this show. This show is awesome, but nothing has ever been that funny before or since. That was life changing
Tre G
Tre G преди 12 дни
The poor training of police officers is a huge problem. Fix it! G*dd*mn.
Stacey Bride
Stacey Bride преди 13 дни
"I'm not saying you should seek it out..." immediately searches baby merchant song
Vincent Joly
Vincent Joly преди 13 дни
And how many times did these goons rampage in at the wrong address, murdered the occupants that panicked, planted a weapon and some drugs to make it all look justified and just all kept their mouth shut cause cops never rat on cops. That country don’t even keep statistics about murders committed by police. That level of transparency is mind blowing! I mean in the sense that they so much don’t care that they let the entire population know how much by not even keeping track of these incidents. At that point, such disregard for human life and justice is literally psychopathic.
Vincent Joly
Vincent Joly преди 13 дни
Week after week, Last Week Tonight answers the question; “Why would anyone ever want to live in that shit hole country, aka the “greatest democracy in the world”. What is the American dream really? It must be hoping to survive the thousands of injustices of all kinds pushed on you by the richest 1% until you maybe get lucky and get admitted in that same 1% that oppressed you until that day.
Noah Gray
Noah Gray преди 13 дни
John, of *course* the police need military equipment. This is the United States! I, someone who suffers from severe depression, could go buy an assault rifle right now without any issue. I could also buy type 4 body armor off the internet and the combination of the two means that a police officer with a handgun would be about as dangerous to me as a gnat. Until we curtail the availability of weapons and armor inside the United States - something we desperately need to do - we wont be able to demilitarize the police. Honestly, I believe that racism isnt even the cause of most police shootings, at least not directly. The direct issue is that literally anyone and everyone you meet could be armed legally or illegally which means that when someone reaches into their pocket a police officer has to worry that they are about to be shot. To a police officer, not being able to see a persons hands is stressful because guns are just so available. Of course police shootings happen as a result. The racism just makes it even worse.
Paris Knyght
Paris Knyght преди 13 дни
ONE of the biggest problems is that cops are trained/believe that the role of police officer is to white people from all the danger (not white people) in the streets. So when a cop is patrolling a white neighborhood he's under the impression that he is currently in protect mode/keep all these innocent people safe. When they enter other neighborhoods they are trained to go into "we are now in enemy territory mode. There are no innocents here. no one to protect. Just justice needing serving." In other words they are trained to feel as if they are "Protecting people" when dealing with white people. When they are dealing with non white people/non white neighborhoods they act like they are clocking in for a shift keeping the animals in the zoo from escaping/eating each other.
BIZZIB3ATZ преди 13 дни
The level of incompetence on display and the amount of heavy weaponry these clowns have access to is disturbing thank god I’m not from that shit hole
Aussie Drones
Aussie Drones преди 13 дни
dis 4 china?
Serendipity Shop
Serendipity Shop преди 14 дни
I can see raids being used in very extreme cases, as when you have serious reason to believe there are massive quantities of drugs being handled from a warehouse location or some such. This business of violently raiding people's homes because of a rumor or informant's tip that they might have a few ounces, and without independent verification of the info & perp location, is definitely for the birds.
haladu abubakar
haladu abubakar преди 14 дни
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techmouse1101 преди 14 дни
As a person naked and alone in their own home, I'm moved by this.
Zetectic преди 14 дни
The so called War on drugs has been 100% failure. It has promoted criminality & vastly enriched the criminals while perverting the justice system
Lucess преди 2 дни
yeah it was designed to target black people and hippies in the 70s as these groups were largely anti war so they could arrest them and raid their homes
bmhiscd1 преди 14 дни
Oliver looked genuinely angry delivering the what should we do bit
mike jopier
mike jopier преди 15 дни
jesus fking christ mother fking holy ghosts of josephes birth rigihtttttt! Why havent iever heard of this cop rock show and where has it been all my fking life! This is a proven fact John oliver is the messiah and he is here to deliver redemption and save us from evil boys.... We must be ready for the path of judgement and salivation is upon us.. Praiseeee the new messiah!!!!
Beer Market
Beer Market преди 15 дни
I just love when analyst start to over complicate things. Police are using flashbangs ? oh man we should write down the ways/conditions for a flashbang to be used and not allow them to freely use their toys. Police are using armored trucks to force their way into people homes ? oh man we should write down when it's okay to use an armored truck to raid people homes Police are shooting people with firearms ? oh man we should write down when it's okay to shoot people Police are tazzing people with a chance of them losing mobility ? oh man we should bla bla bla. Just dont give the guys the tool to commit this crimes. There is no way in hell a flashbang should be in the hand of a police officer a city is not a warzone and he is not supposed to "raid" homes like he's some kind of marine. But nooooo let's debate about this for the years to come and so they can keep their unecessary murderous toys while we sit back and think about ways for them to use in safe conditions. Best plan. I swear it seems like some states/companies just lose sight of the easy fixes and jsut start over thinking things...
Sem преди 15 дни
so glad i didn't move to the states a few years ago for work... trump... pandemic... militaristic police force... i'll stay in australia thanks
techmouse1101 преди 13 дни
@Vanessa Magick Well I would rather die in the comfort of my own home, but I guess you would prefer dying in the streets. I'm not judging, though. You do you.
Vanessa Magick
Vanessa Magick преди 13 дни
@techmouse1101 oh thank god that's SO much better
techmouse1101 преди 13 дни
@Vanessa Magick They weren't gunned down in the streets. They were gunned down in their homes.
Vanessa Magick
Vanessa Magick преди 13 дни
@techmouse1101 Nobody has died from a spider bite in Australia since the 1970s but yes, innocents being gunned down in the streets isn't as much of a problem
Sem преди 13 дни
@techmouse1101 nah ill go with the spiders
Leandro преди 16 дни
Man, this show jumped the shark about 3 years ago
Charles Fitzs
Charles Fitzs преди 16 дни
I hate all cops.
Rory Aids
Rory Aids преди 16 дни
Brought to you by raid shadowlegends.
Clint Stewart
Clint Stewart преди 16 дни
and all the raids that actually get bad guys ?
Vanessa Magick
Vanessa Magick преди 13 дни
suffice it to say that the number of innocent lives saved pales in comparison to the number of innocent lives lost
Beer Market
Beer Market преди 15 дни
50-50 booking. WWE style
Yug S
Yug S преди 16 дни
I lost it at 10:27. Perhaps leaving America was not such a bad decision afterall.
Ertai преди 16 дни
You know how many bullets did the police force of my city used last year? Zero... and that's fairly normal.
Donna Snyder
Donna Snyder преди 17 дни
Holy hell.
Mr. Crocket
Mr. Crocket преди 17 дни
America, the netflix of real life... wtf are you doing in that country!???
Marissa Schultz
Marissa Schultz преди 17 дни
Listen if youre not going after Ted Bundy or El Chapo this isnt really necessary. Relax a little youre not going after war criminals.
How to change name?
How to change name? преди 17 дни
Police raid and its equipment aren't cheap, so its also expensively useless too. Also that music drama is absolute shit
A K преди 17 дни
How does the baby merchant sound so much like Chris Rock
backtothefutureman1 преди 6 дни
Zachary Williams
Zachary Williams преди 17 дни
this is literally the reason guns are good. yall need to just kill cops and call it a day.
Lucess преди ден
@Zachary Williams so it's decided? I'm a nazi? and people who defend themselves against police win? tell that to the hong kong protesters and all the other people who died during failed revolutions. also i mealy said that when not everyone potentially has a gun it contributes to less police shootings and generally less civil unrest but of course it also has to do with a good social safety net and equality in wich the US is also lacking because of the whole systemic racism thing and the extremely high medical costs
Zachary Williams
Zachary Williams преди ден
@Lucess historically people who defend themselves from the police win, people who let it happen die
Zachary Williams
Zachary Williams преди ден
@Lucess youre not the first black nazi ive heard of
Lucess преди ден
@Zachary Williams oh that would be the first black nazi I've ever heard of and no i was not laughing at the fact that there are still nazis cuz fuck nazis no i was laughing at you cuz you tried to argue that germany is anything like it was during the 3.reich and yes we have nazis and you btw also have a big radical right problem or do i have to remind you of charlottes-ville?
Lucess преди ден
@Zachary Williams and people who can defend themselves obviously doesn't prevent police brutality since ya'll still have it
Marina Amaral
Marina Amaral преди 17 дни
My favorite jester😂👏🏼🎭
Tree Beard
Tree Beard преди 18 дни
Where the fuck do they get your intel?
True Grit
True Grit преди 18 дни
Too many cops are insecure GED (Good-Enough Degree) morons with glass egos. We need more intelligent cops!
Aaron Geer
Aaron Geer преди 18 дни
T Lindsay
T Lindsay преди 18 дни
The amount of respect I have lost for your work after finding out you’re associated with the next for autism event is astronomical. If you can’t do the one google search it takes to listen to autistic voices on this matter, then I dont trust you to properly research your stories. Nothing about us, without us!
Derrick Stinoski
Derrick Stinoski преди 18 дни
I debated, but now I’m Definitely getting surveillance cameras appears it’s not just potential crime that need surveillance. Thanks JO
Benjamin Short
Benjamin Short преди 18 дни
Police are allowed to do whatever they want - without paying any consequences - in this country. It's shameful. We're the most unsafe nation in the developed world. Police are terrorists.
Karl преди 18 дни
Very well said, they deserve better. Those cops laughing at the camera footage, asking to see it again like it was a movie trailer was sickening and really sums up how they feel about their job.
Lucy преди 18 дни
Dear Mr. Oliver, I am sorry as much as you usually are nailing it, and as much as I agree about police abuse, this time - unfortunately - i must say you are not objective. You are not objective regarding certain areas receiving more police attention than white neighborhoods. As much as you are trying to slip it as - "this people are being targeted" - no they are not. If some area has chronic issues with shooting occuring every few days, drug gangs criminality and people living there trying to get out or they have extra entrance security - its quite logical that this area will need more police involvement. It's quiet lunacy to say (or be ostrich pretending not to see) that big cities have areas of high criminality - its cuz police is targeting them. Fact is that some areas have huge criminality issues - which left unchecked would be disaster for everyone. Take it from me who was in such a neighborhoods, and who was in white neighborhood. In white quarters - crime is unimaginable. (Worst that happened in years was that someone drove and scratch car and left...). I could leave car open, nothing happened, could walk in the middle if night by park - nothing happened. In the neighborhood you mentioned - unthinkable to stick nose out after dark. City that applied the "inclusion" policy, pushing people concentrated in crime areas into the white crimeless neighborhood. Yeah those white people there gad rough awakening to shooting, car stolen (if not stolen left without wheels on cinder blocks... regardless of year and make..) and you won't even think of going out late by yourself... Saying what you saying is stupid, i am sorry to be that blunt. And please - go live into "regular" apartment in areas you mentioned as "targeted by raids". With no bodyguards, just as any common person - good luck to you, i would give you few days. Week longest.... Then you personally would be on top of marching for more police involvement.
cyclonejokeroniisama преди 18 дни
Philippine National Police: first time?
Alpaca Male
Alpaca Male преди 19 дни
Always playing the race angle
Kain Vanagandr
Kain Vanagandr преди 19 дни
Rip and tearing into anything should only be done against Demons by the Doom Slayer.
Zelda Monroe
Zelda Monroe преди 19 дни
AMERICA Fascism, Compulsory Heterosexuality, White Nationalism Income inequality, Gun Violence, Villainous & Hateful, Instability You Don't Get that in China
Finn Nicholson-Crotty
Finn Nicholson-Crotty преди 10 дни
Thank you for the accurate summary of America
Osvaldo Riveros Martin
Osvaldo Riveros Martin преди 19 дни
John Oliver, please spread more cowboys films, more posts war moovies, more súper flying héroes, and more funy gods, y rise my brindis for the land of free and the estados hundidos.
shrews bury
shrews bury преди 19 дни
There's really no reason not to assault police officers anymore is there.
Peter Hooper
Peter Hooper преди 19 дни
When will we finally decide it is time to take away "police powers" from the police, who systematically abuse them? THAT'S actually the comprehensive solution we need to call for.
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