The Next Pandemic: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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As COVID-19 continues to spread, John Oliver discusses what could cause the next pandemic, what we can do to avoid it, and why you shouldn’t kiss pigs.
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Dominic Tétrault
Dominic Tétrault преди 3 часа
As far as pets are concerned, cats go on street patrols and kill rodents for us. While dogs give you the impression of being loved and a crocodile only gets you on TV. Still, there's only so much cats can do to prevent pandemics. We are the ones with those specific brains, with the ability to find solutions and create innovations, as long as the budget is available for it. Meanwhile, I remind you, some buy crocodiles and kinkajous with their money... and Noah once built an ark at a time everything was very wet.
Tony Vasquez
Tony Vasquez преди ден
Words can't express my experience so far from Dr. Ikpoko on BGpost, in terms of herpes permanent cure
Mind My Halo
Mind My Halo преди ден
I can't imagine this pandemic without UPS, Fedex and mail services and deliveries.
Oh My Oh my
Oh My Oh my преди 2 дни
Record profits for Pfizer in Q1 with 25% of their income from Covid. Democrats will be wearing those masks forever.
cHeeR_CheeR преди 2 дни
Didn't expect to see good example from my country, Thailand, here.
Sam Ling
Sam Ling преди 3 дни
Nearly a century ago Rudolf Steiner Warned that criminal esoteric groups would, in the future, strive to eradicate man’s Spiritual drives. This would be done on the pretext of vaccination against disease." “Do You Not Know That You Yourselves Are GOD’S TEMPLE AND THAT GOD’S SPIRIT (“GOD IS SPIRIT…”) DWELLS IN You?” 1 Corinthians 3:16 The Government Conspiracy Behind Coronavirus URGENT!! DOCTORS WORLDWIDE WARN ABOUT COVID VACCINE!!
Giannis Antetokounmpo
Giannis Antetokounmpo преди 3 дни
people can’t stop talking about how something is such “and american thing to do” now imagine real quick if you had an entire comment section saying that something was such a chinese or african thing to do, but that would be some sort of -ist then wouldn’t it?
hotgirlsarehot преди 3 дни
31B a year is imensively cheap. To equal 16 trillion dollars, it would take 480 years (not accounting for inflation) to spend that much.
Laurie Guilbeau
Laurie Guilbeau преди 4 дни
Kinkajous are pretty cute tho. The way that crocodile blinks is fucking creepy
Marlin Pierce
Marlin Pierce преди 4 дни
Is it "mystery virus" or "Mr. E-virus"? Because that could explain how it can spread through Zoom.
Muddy Boots
Muddy Boots преди 4 дни
Sell out much?
KingFluffy преди 5 дни
I guess communism has to happen because capitalism ain’t it chief
Sven Schubert
Sven Schubert преди 5 дни
Goth Mouse! 🤣
Jesus Perez
Jesus Perez преди 5 дни
Man is highly intelligent to the point where humans will either choose to do everything they can to help each other and the world or be full of absolute greed. Most men and women choose the latter, sadly. Even those who want to help, half of them will have enough amount of greed to overshadow the good they do. Human kind, long ago, chose complete comfort over action and protection. Greed led to Gluttony, which brings laziness and makes us useless, doing nothing to aid each other, forsaking the problems and wanting everyone to pity us and give us things as we feel entitled and deserving of everything we never earned and never will. When one becomes useless, they allow the world to suffer and even add to it. They do nothing at all, unless it serves their comfort. They fear and hate change. We tend to repeat our past mistakes which haunt us to this day, because of said fear and hate. We need change, which is not only inevitable, but needed to teach trial and error as well as wisdom to humanity. But we refuse change as well as to do anything against all we know, against comfort. It will be our quest for full comfort that will forge our extinction.
Anton Brakhage
Anton Brakhage преди 5 дни
The next pandemic has to be named Oliver's Plague.
JonathanSwiftUK преди 6 дни
Noah's ark was a really duff idea then?
poo bum
poo bum преди 6 дни
living in pandemic fear .. forgetaboutit!!
sssghinc преди 6 дни
an estimated 1.7 million (currently undiscovered viruses)......... cmon man
Dr Zoidberg
Dr Zoidberg преди 7 дни
I think you just lost a lot of mormon viewers
TerminalCarrion преди 7 дни
Badgey is terrifying no matter where he pops up
Kaitie Drollinger
Kaitie Drollinger преди 8 дни
OOOOOOH SHIT. That Salt Lake City joke was sooooooo accurate. Even people that live here like me hate it.
xSaraxMxNeffx преди 8 дни
the biggest thing i learned from this clip was not to read youtube comments. holy hell it's a mad house down there.
S W преди 9 дни
Does anyone still believe the bat=virus narrative?
We are all born mad
We are all born mad преди 9 дни
Moral of the story: we need to abolish industrial animal farming. C'mon, guys. It's very far from impossible, and would actually improve our diets. Let's make it a movement?
We are all born mad
We are all born mad преди 8 дни
@S W That's different, though - changing your lifestyle and _abolishing an industry_ . The first amounts to "voting with your dollars" and of course isn't going to work. It's like hoping we can save the planet by telling everyone to recycle, while Coca-Cola dumps new plastic bottles on us everyday. Abolishing an industry needs political action, not lifestyle change.
S W преди 9 дни
It already is a movement. Sadly the majority of people are so dumbed down that they fail to see the importance of changing ones lifestyle.
success drake
success drake преди 9 дни
I heard a lot about Dr Osaoji and his natural herbs and I decided to give it a try, I contacted him for help and to my surprise he actually cured me of Herpes Virus and now I'm HSV negative, information is power
Kevin Radziewicz
Kevin Radziewicz преди 9 дни
Whoa! Dont spoil Animal Crossing. I only have raccoon and owl as part of my island
canniloni преди 10 дни
15:17 i know there’s so much important information in this video and i appreciate it....but wow this person is beautiful
canniloni преди 9 дни
S W why
S W преди 9 дни
And this is exactly why we are all screwed!
Shaun holland
Shaun holland преди 10 дни
So no calling him zoo nose, really its now zazu nose.
Ynse Schaap
Ynse Schaap преди 10 дни
Animals are to blame ? ........ So it was the government !
Ynse Schaap
Ynse Schaap преди 8 дни
@S W At the moment rainy 😉 and that's about it, have to play indoors
S W преди 8 дни
@Ynse Schaap How’s the Netherlands this time of year?
Ynse Schaap
Ynse Schaap преди 8 дни
@S W 😁
S W преди 8 дни
@Ynse Schaap 😂 You know I thought it might of been but you sometimes can’t tell for there are so many fucking idiots online, I’m one of them! 🤪
Ynse Schaap
Ynse Schaap преди 8 дни
@S W It was a joke, should have added a smiley face 😁
P Steven Strauss
P Steven Strauss преди 10 дни
Great video, but he avoids a very important factor that will almost guarantee we ignore the next pandemic: they cried wolf. When it became excruciatingly painfully obvious that they were wrong about the 4% of the population dead, wrong to lock down healthy people, wrong about HCQ, wrong about asymptomatic transmission, wrong about masks, and wrong about too many other things to count. Throw in the fact that these are the same people that were wrong about global cooling, wrong about global warming, and absurdly wrong about the nearly genocidal lipid hypothesis which has resulted in nearly half of the population unhealthy and vulnerable to...the next pandemic.
S W преди 9 дни
What we need is to follow the Georgia Guidestones!
Sean O'Reilly
Sean O'Reilly преди 10 дни
So bound by the left wing cult, he can't even blame China. He had to blame himself. Amazing
Sean O'Reilly
Sean O'Reilly преди 10 дни
So bound by the left wing cult, he can't even blame China. He had to blame himself. Amazing
SGWA преди 10 дни
SGWA преди 10 дни
The Life of Jake
The Life of Jake преди 11 дни
Why you bad mouthing Johnny Depp, John? Not nice
imicca преди 11 дни
we are already getting a sequel? CMON MAN TOO SOON
IcySaracen преди 11 дни
Bill Hicks said take the all that money we spend on the military
Iason29 преди 11 дни
Between 22 and 36 billion dollar estimate of funding pandemic prevention WORLWIDE. Total crumbs, nothing but pocket money. Sounds like a fraction of the annual profits British Petrol alone used to make in the 70's. For the first time realising how easy it is in fact to prevent pandemics makes this whole situation even more embarrassing.
Jeff Lewis
Jeff Lewis преди 12 дни
We really are a hopeless people
hayk3000 преди 13 дни
I love you John. But the solution isn't whatever mild lib shit you're proposing. The solution is giving power to those who prioritize the well-being of humanity, rather than just making the most money possible for themselfs. And who are these people? Well... humanity itself. The solution is democracy. We need democracy at work.
William Thomas
William Thomas преди 13 дни
Definition of propaganda 1 capitalized : a congregation of the Roman curia having jurisdiction over missionary territories and related institutions 2 : the spreading of ideas, information, or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause, or a person 3 : ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further one's cause or to damage an opposing cause also : a public action having such an effect
Irma Parker
Irma Parker преди 13 дни
I watched seapiracy, it explained how mass fishing caused poverty to local people who live near beaches, and force them to go into forest to eat wild animals like bats, monkeys and more... Fishing isn’t the only reason why local people hunt wild animals, but it’s one of the reasons.
Joey Joe Joe Jr.
Joey Joe Joe Jr. преди 13 дни
Never realized bats are so GD cute lol.
Paul Pantsoff
Paul Pantsoff преди 13 дни
Why was the long term care episode removed???????????????????????????????????
Anshul Sharma
Anshul Sharma преди 14 дни
Should start watching Vice instead
Graham Number7
Graham Number7 преди 14 дни
Use duckduckgo and search John Oliver lies. The guy is a propaganda puppet and a moron.
Graham Number7
Graham Number7 преди 14 дни
The biggest social change for the benefit of all is to do your own research and stop listening to rambling idiots like this guy who frequently uses CNN clips for his un-scientific message.
VeronicaMist преди 14 дни
This is the best Last Week Tonight ever made. Thank you so much for being the high profile who will come out and tell this truth. I just watched a show where vax manufacturers and Bill Gates talked about how the yearly Covid variant booster will be combined with the annual flu shot to absolutely corner that billion/trillion dollar market. WE WONT BE DOING A DAMN THING FOR PREVENTION. there’s not enough money or coordination or will. 😩
Graham Number7
Graham Number7 преди 14 дни
The only pandemic facing society is pandemic of idiots controlled by fear that believe a 0.03% trace gas is going to destroy the planet and that Influenza has suddenly vanished yet replaced with Covid... err try FACTS of 0.15 mortality rate and a vaccine sold to the indoctrinated idiots that will let big pharma experiment on their messenger RNA.. The same fool (Dr Christian Drosden) that is selling this fake pandemic via his Pharma buddies, did the same for the swine flu and pushed a vaccine that resulted in 1000's of children disabled!.Did you forget that John Oliver. Maybe listen to this top Lawyer. You know the guy that exposed the Deutshe Bank scandal and the VW diesel engine fraud.
TheRCvie преди 16 дни
Was waiting for them to show that 2019 interview with Peter Daszak saying he was working with corona virus from bats in Wuhan and then show him as the lead UN Wuhan investigator dismissing his lifes work with bat viruses in favour of contaminated seafood. For reference, google or youtube search; TWiV 615: Peter Daszak of Ecohealth Alliance
John.S преди 16 дни
Somewhat doubtful if the "next pandemic" would be a major issue, well, compared to the rise of Alcohol-resistant bacteria, (for more info on that search on 'Enterococcus faecium', safe-search on or off, the result is SFW/name of a bacterial strain), anyway, the other problem is the overuse of Antibiotics.
Carlee преди 16 дни
It's a shame to see so many comments along the lines of, 'Well, we all know nothing is going to be done about this.' That's a really poor, and dangerous, attitude. It assumes that our only hope rests with current world leaders. If we shrug our shoulders and think 'what a shame we can't rely on our leaders to change the world', we may as well start picking the lining for our coffins now. The first thing I decided to do after watching this was see if there's a One Health initiative happening in Australia. Haven't found anything local yet, but here's the CDC's info page: Imagine if everyone who viewed this episode spent 5-10mins on One Health research, to see if there might be something you can do to help on a grassroots level. That could be kinda awesome & worthwhile. 🙂 🙏
Peter Hicks
Peter Hicks преди 16 дни
The next pandemic comes with the next flue season you have Vaccines that cant stop you from getting it or from spreading it all they do is to mitigate the effects on you ,its the gift that keeps on giving they started off with one jab and people were dying so then they went with half a dose ,then are the different types ,then we find oh it it only lasts for 6 months so you will need 2 doses a yr ,is this why AZ just hiked their price by 60% ? . If you loose a loved one or family member you cant even sue the pharmas . 1918 war did not kill enough so the Americans wheeled out the Spanish flue and did the job It killed bilions ,back then they had milions out of work the crime rate was very high one look at the old news reels will show there wear just to many people on the planet chasing to few resources ,and that was appx 100 yrs ago since then we technology and on top of that we AI and the Paris accord and that one is going to put millions out of work . The globaolists are taking over everything !
Student A Fake
Student A Fake преди 16 дни
The most scary virus is actually initially benign and highly transmissible, tough to kill, can keep people stay sick for long time and eventually kills them after long time being infected.
southerncoldwind преди 17 дни
This should also be in spanish
Anand Hunt
Anand Hunt преди 17 дни
humans need to go extinct....they the disease of the planet. this include me too....
Videoviewer преди 18 дни
Zombie apocalypse next
astronaut01 преди 18 дни
That crocodile made me so sad! Raising crocodilians in captivity often leads to bone deformities and deficiencies. You can see in that crocodile's face that it's sick
T Lindsay
T Lindsay преди 18 дни
The amount of respect I have lost for your work after finding out you’re associated with the next for autism event is astronomical. If you can’t do the one google search it takes to listen to autistic voices on this matter, then I dont trust you to properly research your stories. Nothing about us, without us!
Kadir M.
Kadir M. преди 19 дни
Please notice how out of the mentioned actions we can take against a future pandemic, the only one you are in control of is "stop eating meat". And act accordingly.
Peter Hooper
Peter Hooper преди 19 дни
The people you need to convince, John, aren't the ones watching here, but the plutocrats who 1) have the means and influence to make necessary changes, and 2) have convinced themselves they can escape the consequences of avoiding anything that will demand from them even a small portion of their wealth.
Maigus224 преди 19 дни
All I herd was vegetarians got it right
Dejan преди 21 ден
Comedian giving health advice. Yeah, seems legit lol
WitchElbi преди 21 ден
Flat F**k Friday!!
shakur 4illa
shakur 4illa преди 21 ден
It's no longer a comedy show. It's pure propaganda.
Ben Liu
Ben Liu преди 21 ден
Your shows are getting more pathetic. Thank you for the increased Asian hate this is going to generate, John Oliver.
Misha Purser
Misha Purser преди 22 дни
Jesus Christ it's not that hard to stop eating animal products lol
Madison Hines
Madison Hines преди 22 дни
Okay but can I get the link to all these clips seen in the video...🥴
Hayden King
Hayden King преди 22 дни
I just hope you're not getting short side of and start planning for the next one
MHM преди 22 дни
Zombie apocalypse they confirmed it and most TV shows and movies play zombies related stuff heavily you should take it as a hint.
palakons преди 23 дни
16:59 PODD
Sparrowhawk преди 23 дни
just wear 5 masks
JLF преди 23 дни
John, you'd better get that mystery virus under control. If he kills Tom Hanks, people will come for you. Not even the Pillsbury doughboy's ass crack will be safe.
Ursula Kavaliauskas
Ursula Kavaliauskas преди 23 дни
Covid allowed us all (well, many) to simmer down and pay attention to whatever suited our fancies. For many, it opened doors they never saw through before. It caused unity in unexpected ways. It encouraged us to work voluntarily, sharing our strengths with others. Social media helps us communicate. We begin to resonate, sharing goals. We entertain solutions, never before offered. And ultimately, we carry civilization forward, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century. (A bunch of people didn’t get the memo. Evolve, anyway.)
Jarthen Greenmeadow
Jarthen Greenmeadow преди 23 дни
When they start naming plagues after people like hurricanes. "Oliver's plague" will be first
Jarthen Greenmeadow
Jarthen Greenmeadow преди 23 дни
11:47 "et tu kinkajou" Beautiful
Jared Knutson
Jared Knutson преди 24 дни
Humans are the virus of the planet. The planet is trying to stabilize and get rid of the virus.
Ezenwa Anyanwu
Ezenwa Anyanwu преди 24 дни
13:27 My man went there. He went to that game. LOL. One of my island neighbors is in that group. Goose was my first neighbor. Jokes aside, very informative video as always. Great stuff.
Seoul Destroyer
Seoul Destroyer преди 24 дни
“Start to get complacent” as we come out of this pandemic? I think what will happen is 1) politicians don’t want to spend money for prevention because it isn’t sexy and would anger anyone who gets less of the budget as a result; 2) the pharma and hospital industries don’t want that because they can make So Much Money in health crises and 3) increasing pandemics can help the insurance industry access our “private” health records and thus protect future profits by discriminating against the most unhealthy.
Wolf преди 24 дни
"The next scamdemic "
antiqueroadshow Holla
antiqueroadshow Holla преди 24 дни
Don't worry everyone! Now that there's a vaccine, everyone that takes it will be 100% immune and will no longer need to social distance or wear a mask! And if for some reason you happen to have an adverse reaction to the vaccine, then the manufacturer will take full responsibility and help you with any medical costs!!! Thank god for big pharma!!!
Alex Maclean
Alex Maclean преди 24 дни
I get he's in a routine and theres likely a particular level of depth they get into to research these things in enough time to get the material ready. Too much reliance on propaganda, for example the "wet market' outside of the lab is actually a Fish market with no bats this is not that hard to find out, you just have to dig a bit. Otherwise much of the data is not entirely inaccurate its simply a narrow portion of experts opinions there interviewing, which tends to limelight an issue, leaving in darkness the rest of the story. This is common enough with non medical practitioners however well meaning. Dig deeper padiwan dig deeper
G. Repp
G. Repp преди 25 дни
weird how the corona virus escapes from an area known to study corona virus...
G. Repp
G. Repp преди 25 дни
"originated from animals" is still not completely understood and is only "likely"
Jane John
Jane John преди 25 дни
I think the pandemic has taught people a big lesson, having one stream of income is not really a good idea cause your job doesn't secure your financial needs. The pandemic has really set out business minded people from the rest that is why I'm so lucky to be among the investors trading with Mrs regina richard as his student it's been success and happiness since the beginning of my trades.
Jacob Davis
Jacob Davis преди 11 дни
Wowzers! Say, care to explain while all of the VERY real people in this thread all have made their account on January 18th, 2021? What a crazy coiencedence. If i didn't know better, i'd say that this is a fake thread to promote Mrs. Richard's trying to make quick cash by the false pretense of real interaction?
Bub Dub
Bub Dub преди 24 дни
@Mark Richard It's not a joke, I have been in contact with the appropriate authorities
Mark Richard
Mark Richard преди 24 дни
@Bub Dub so funny, @ jane john thanks so much for the details of your broker mrs regina richard,.. there is progress.
Bub Dub
Bub Dub преди 24 дни
Mrs. Regina Richard killed my cat with a pocket knife and told my mother I was trans when I'm not even trans, I will never follow her advice as long as I live
James Joseph
James Joseph преди 25 дни
@Jane John yeah you are right.
Weston Roberts
Weston Roberts преди 25 дни
You know what isn't a form of draconian measures that people can do collectively to help stop the spread of future pandemics? Willfully boycotting animal products.
Cal EuXX
Cal EuXX преди 25 дни
I wonder what legislation the USA and other well-to-do countries have to battle such biological threats. In Czechia, when bird flu occurs (usually late winter, early spring), the government collects the dead wild birds, does tests and any breeding companies (eg. they raise chickens in large industrial-agricultural spaces) have to cooperate - the company has to report sudden deaths of birds, the entire collective of their birds is safely hygenically destroyed and the company gets financially reimbursed for their financial loss.
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson преди 26 дни
In other words pandemic are our comeuppance and exactly what we deserve. Hopefully the next one will be much much worse so we wont have another for awhile
Irinej Papuga
Irinej Papuga преди 26 дни
Finally someone who has the guts to talk about real problems. Cheers!
Angie Marie
Angie Marie преди 26 дни
T Nicholas
T Nicholas преди 26 дни
CGP Grey made that video explaining how plagues happened in Medieval Europe - turns out it's still exactly the same today. Building bigger cities, bringing animals into them and killing and trading them in unhygienic conditions.
BeaterWRX преди 26 дни
Hey as far as humans go us only fucking up 75% of something is a significant improvement>
yeee eee
yeee eee преди 26 дни
Great video, but tom nook isnt a racoon
April Green
April Green преди 27 дни
The optimal road additionaly cause because thing revealingly step through a ludicrous dresser. female fertile, ragged delivery
Sara A.
Sara A. преди 27 дни
Boats are a great place if you worry about a pandemic. unplaned contacts..;)
Memnor SM
Memnor SM преди 28 дни
That virus sounded a lot like Mister Nutterbutter.
Neil Nicholson
Neil Nicholson преди 28 дни
Overpopulation is the issue to 99% of problems.
Agustin Marius Tataran
Agustin Marius Tataran преди 28 дни
12:00 WRONG! Animal diseases do not infect humans. Ask any doctor in medicine.
Tom Chawner
Tom Chawner преди 26 дни
Ever heard of rabies?
Cringing Luigi
Cringing Luigi преди 28 дни
10:00 Well that image sure as hell caught me off guard.
mario yu
mario yu преди 28 дни
The same furniture multivariably queue because kilogram understandably appear after a illegal peak. grubby gruesome, ludicrous jet
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