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John Oliver takes a look at how the history of race in America is taught in schools, how we can make those teachings more accurate, and why it’s in everyone's best interest to understand the most realistic version of the past.
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James E. Brown
James E. Brown преди 3 часа
Texas: "Removing Confederate Monuments is erasing history!" Also Texas: *Publishes a textbook that calls slaves "workers"*
Cosmic Chicken
Cosmic Chicken преди 6 часа
The problem with history is because it written by the strong and thus filled with there lies
Lucianna преди 17 часа
23:36 and that sort of toxicity is why I can't do those sort of online games ;w; If the racism, transphobia, and homophobia aren't enough to turn you away there's also the ableism, misogyny, and toxic masculinity.
Lucianna преди 17 часа
Like don't get me wrong this isn't the case everywhere, and I know that. But it's prominent enough that I'd rather not risk subjecting myself to that kind of shit. If I want to get heated at fascists, white supremacists, bigots, and the like, I have twitter for that -w-'
Carson преди ден
Honestly I think the only thing that saved my historyeducation was the IB program. When I learned that international history curriculum it was honestly amazing. We not only learned how to properly analyze historical sources, but we learned about America's CIA coups in South America, and U.S willful ignorance of the Rwandan just because they didn't think that people would be interested in Rwanda. We also learned properly what America did in Korea and Vietnam. Of course, international curriculum didn't focus on America, but IB absolutely destroyed my idea of American history. You don't walk into class for the third week in a row ready to learn the death count for a fourth CIA sponsored coup in south america, or watch footage of only the whites being evacuated from Rwanda as people beg to be taken with because they're literally about to be murdered, and walk out still believing all of the weird history textbook propaganda. I learned more in one year of IB history than 11 years of American history curriculum.
Morrigan Arianrhod
Morrigan Arianrhod преди ден
Watch Renegade Cut's "The Cult of Tradition" if you'd like to know the truth about the history of the founding fathers
Claudie Duran
Claudie Duran преди ден
I grew up in Tulsa Oklahoma. Green wood .archer. and pine. Was. Called the gap. The gap band called them self's after it. The black wall street. I seen some pretty good pictures IT HAD JAZZ 🎵 JOINTS . SO IT WAS THE BLACK WALL STREET. IT WAS ON THE WAY TO BECOMING A JAZZ 🎵 TOWN.
Drbigt let's plays
Drbigt let's plays преди 2 дни
Why in America do people all talk what the ancestors did and act like people of today should have to live up to that? Literally *everyone* involved died like centures ago. Should I as Finn blame modern Russians for Isoviha because my ancestors were enslaved during 1700?
Jermah Evans
Jermah Evans преди 2 дни
Please, history, never forget how ridiculous and pathetic tucker and his fanbase is.
Cristian Duntz
Cristian Duntz преди 3 дни
Shout out to Wilmington NC!
Amine Dhaouadi
Amine Dhaouadi преди 3 дни
i disagree, the whale in moby dick wasnt bad
Midnight Rambler
Midnight Rambler преди 4 дни
leactures from a lefty clown.
Bjørn Verheijden
Bjørn Verheijden преди 4 дни
It seems more like the best day in America now is worse than my worst day for a f...ing long time. Clean up your act and fast. By the way: that is a message to ALL countries who have a colonial history.
Fred Craven
Fred Craven преди 5 дни
US Constitution ensures my freedoms, a great document which led to freeing slaves..its very important. Every man deserves life liberty and pursuit of happiness
Dr Zoidberg
Dr Zoidberg преди 7 дни
Who’s watching this after the second coup
BrokeredHeart преди 2 дни
I'm watching as multiple states pass bills to ban the teachings of critical race theory on the grounds that it makes white students "feel guilty."
John Doa
John Doa преди 8 дни
yeeklas преди 8 дни
Germany has a similar problem with Imperialism. Basically, our school system doesn't even tell us about it until 11th grade and even then you'll have to find out the bulk of it yourself by researching
Ruel Pondeglow
Ruel Pondeglow преди 9 дни
I didn't know about the coup.. but I ain't surprised
kpw84u2 преди 10 дни
Trump was the greasy politician who did that, Tucker!
Shannon Hamlin
Shannon Hamlin преди 11 дни
I learned about the Wilmington Riots right after I learned about the Tulsa Riots. It has since turned into a mission to learn as much as I can, to spread it as far as I can.
Persp Gold
Persp Gold преди 11 дни
there is so much wrong in this video. then again, it's read by a brit so what was i expecting
Justin Coccia
Justin Coccia преди 11 дни
Has he not done a show on the 1776 report? @Johnoliver
Leia Jiang
Leia Jiang преди 11 дни
As a California, i was taught everything but i was also told states right was a reason in civil war as well as slavery. We we're taught about civil right about black and Brown Americans. No one talks about ceaser chavas enough and Vincent chan.
Dexter Norcross
Dexter Norcross преди 11 дни
John Oliver and his financial puppeteers are '#AdversaryCulture'/#CriticalStudies/ #StrifePeddlers/#JudeoEvil. ✌
Patoren 3gou
Patoren 3gou преди 12 дни
John oliver looks like a bootleg rivers Cuomo action figure
Kelly Arthur
Kelly Arthur преди 12 дни
_Bravissimo_ . Again!
J TROJANOWSKI преди 12 дни
Spitfire RAF
Spitfire RAF преди 12 дни
Many of my teachers say Andrew Jackson was one of the strongest and greatest presidents in history and many websites and videos I watch in school speak highly of the man they acknowledge the thing's he did but also glorify him and one teacher he was his favorite president wich makes me a black person uncomfortable
Laeiryn преди 13 дни
They made us physically replicate the conditions under which slaves were transported across the Atlantic - or try, with the twenty-eight or so of us there were. Sixth grade, around 1997, laying on the floor as close as we could get, scooting closer like cordons of wood, with the littlest in the class climbing on top while the teacher said something no one heard about how there would be eight layers of people and nobody moved for months. It caught some of their attention when she said that people just peed right where they were stuck, which horrified the class more than the following explanation that most of those thusly transported didn't even survive. Fascinatingly, while we discussed the actual slave trade and its horrors, we never stopped to look at how the wealth of the South (and honestly, the US as a whole) was built on the stolen labor of those who did survive the trip.
Take ItEasy
Take ItEasy преди 13 дни
"Or a sad mummy orgasm....." *mmmehhhrrr*
Erwin Ros
Erwin Ros преди 13 дни
If a white supremacist in my country would say 'the worst day here is better than in any other country' I would definitely be an American.
Willy-john De Jager
Willy-john De Jager преди 14 дни
racism is old. so is ejaculation. misinformatiom. and morgan freeman
Willy-john De Jager
Willy-john De Jager преди 14 дни
hallo karin. i look like you and was born in south africa. i was born in 1983
Willy-john De Jager
Willy-john De Jager преди 14 дни
hello again john. get payday loans out of africa. its killing me
bigballsgame преди 15 дни
This is frightening. I didn't know MLK was such a liar. He claimed that it didn't cost the nation a dollar to expand voting rights, but the problem is that it did. The voting rights were not libertarian, they were the government spending money to subzidize infrastructure so that black people could vote. Then, guess what, MLK goes full-Marxist and advocates for wealth redistribution by the government. I had never seen this clip of him before. Fuck MLK, this was horrific.
ijachacovert преди 16 дни
Republicans like to argue that removing statues will eliminate our history. 1. I learned about WWII and Hitler's massacre of the Jews and never once did I see a statue commemorating Hitler or any of his command staff. 2. You know what does remove history, telling schools they will lose funding if they teach a curriculum based on slavery. Much like this piece says, I didn't even know what Juneteenth was until last year. Democrats today want to remove statues that glorify some of our nations most bigoted figures. Republicans actually want to eliminate history.
andrewkful преди 17 дни
I don't think my history teachers ever told me the evolution of America is always improving, but I may have just told that to myself and became deluded. I did not do well in History anyway.
Heather S
Heather S преди 17 дни
This is all true!
Ahmed Garada
Ahmed Garada преди 17 дни
“Only coup on American soil.” That did not age well.
Celestial System
Celestial System преди 17 дни
I know this is a very serious video but John Oliver's *"NO."* at 8:53 is genuinely iconic
AEGIS 21 преди 17 дни
In my country the role of minority also got erased from history,and many atrocities like mass rape and looting of minority owned shops are oftentimes downplayed ALOT.
Albert Camus
Albert Camus преди 17 дни
bro u may contribute the most in the world to increasing participatory civic democratic engagement
jerod mckee
jerod mckee преди 18 дни
Wow, what a twisted, ignorant view of history.
Topper Sundquist
Topper Sundquist преди 16 дни
I know, right? Those Alabama textbooks? Those North Carolina elementary schools? So effed.
Koustubh Sinkar
Koustubh Sinkar преди 18 дни
This is very much similar to the People's Republic of China not mentioning 1989 Tiananmen Square Protests in their History Text Books. Even the British do not mention their colonial history in their textbooks accurately, especially about the British Raj. There are constant attempts to whitewash the British Raj saying that it benefited India. 𑘨𑘻𑘦𑘲𑘩𑘰 𑘞𑘰𑘢𑘨 𑘢𑘜 𑘕𑘲𑘮𑘰𑘟𑘲 𑘃𑘝𑘲𑘮𑘰𑘭𑘰𑘩𑘰 𑘭𑘽𑘫𑘧 𑘡𑘲𑘨𑘿𑘦𑘰𑘜 𑘎𑘨𑘳𑘡 𑘡𑘰𑘎𑘰𑘨𑘰𑘧𑘓𑘰 𑘢𑘿𑘨𑘧𑘝𑘿𑘡 𑘎𑘨𑘝𑘹. 𑘥𑘰𑘨𑘝𑘲𑘧 𑘢𑘰𑘙𑘿𑘧𑘢𑘳𑘭𑘿𑘝𑘿𑘎𑘰𑘽𑘝 𑘃𑘭𑘿𑘩𑘰𑘦𑘲 𑘕𑘲𑘮𑘰𑘟𑘰𑘝 𑘕𑘹 𑘦𑘡𑘿𑘟𑘲𑘨𑘹 𑘝𑘻𑘚𑘩𑘹 𑘝𑘿𑘧𑘰𑘽𑘓𑘰 𑘄𑘩𑘿𑘩𑘹𑘏 𑘭𑘳𑘟𑘿𑘠𑘰 𑘡𑘰𑘮𑘲. 𑘝𑘿𑘧𑘰𑘓 𑘢𑘟𑘿𑘠𑘝𑘲𑘡𑘹 𑘤𑘿𑘨𑘰𑘮𑘿𑘦𑘜𑘕𑘰𑘝 (𑘢𑘿𑘨𑘝𑘲𑘡𑘲𑘠𑘲 𑘭𑘳𑘤𑘿𑘨𑘦𑘜𑘲𑘧𑘡 𑘭𑘿𑘪𑘰𑘦𑘲 𑘁𑘜𑘲 𑘭𑘗𑘿𑘕𑘲𑘪 𑘭𑘰𑘡𑘧𑘰𑘩) 𑘁𑘨𑘿𑘧 𑘁𑘎𑘿𑘨𑘦𑘜 𑘭𑘲𑘟𑘿𑘠𑘰𑘡𑘿𑘝𑘰𑘩𑘰 𑘡𑘰𑘎𑘰𑘨𑘝𑘹 𑘁𑘜𑘲 𑘭𑘦𑘿𑘨𑘰𑘘 𑘀𑘫𑘻𑘎𑘓𑘿𑘧𑘰 𑘤𑘼𑘟𑘿𑘠𑘨𑘰𑘕𑘿𑘧𑘩𑘰 𑘎𑘦𑘲 𑘩𑘹𑘏𑘰𑘧𑘓𑘰 𑘢𑘿𑘨𑘧𑘝𑘿𑘡 𑘎𑘨𑘝 𑘀𑘭𑘝𑘰𑘝.
T Lindsay
T Lindsay преди 18 дни
The amount of respect I have lost for your work after finding out you’re associated with the next for autism event is astronomical. If you can’t do the one google search it takes to listen to autistic voices on this matter, then I dont trust you to properly research your stories. Nothing about us, without us!
08mlascelles преди 9 дни
@T Lindsay thanks, I’ll do some more research when I get the time!
T Lindsay
T Lindsay преди 9 дни
OK so it has come to my attention through a few replies ( I left this comment on a lot of different videos) that people don't necessarily know where to find this information, and your right one google search without the right terms wont produce the information. Bear with me there is a lot of history here that not too many people know about so I'll try to give a brief run down. A really good source of information that explains it in easy sound bites are @beckspectrum and @paigelayle on TikTok who are hosting a counter fundraiser on the same date. @the.Autisticats on Instagram also have fantastic compilations of information and links to the evidence for all of the info below. Next for Autism is inextricably linked with Autism Speaks, an organization that the autistic community at large, myself included, considers to be a hate group, and their blue puzzle piece a hate symbol. Their primary mission is to research the cause and cure of Autism, in no uncertain terms, let me be clear - that is code for eugenics because finding the cause leads to terminating pregnancies solely on the basis of them resulting in an autistic child, and because Autism is a neurotype, not a disease, there is no cure. The only "cure" is to eliminate or restructure the entire brain, which is not possible to do to a human being and would result in their death. They have also engaged in harmful propaganda targeted at parents of newly diagnosed children, notoriously their "I am Autism" campaign in 2009, that engages in harmful stereotypes about autistics that absolutely dehumanize us and work to shape how our own families view us before we have any tools to advocate for ourselves. They also use these propaganda methods to push ABA therapy which is considered by many autistics to be abusive with some centers such as the JRC, which the The American Human Rights Organization and Disability Rights organization tried to have shut down for torture, heavily endorsed by Autism Speaks. Since the announcement of the livestream fundraiser both organizations have heavily edited their websites to the point of near gaslighting those of us who have been trying to call attention to the matter. I haven't even touched on the funding of these organizations, because so many other people have done it better, rest assured, nearly none of the money donated to these so called charities or fundraises actually goes to any autistics people or even their families who may be struggling to pay for therapies and treatments that may actually be improving their lives. Then there is also the matter of Mark Rober himself, the host of the event, and his video "The Truth About My Son", he engages in harmful stereotyping such as infantilizing disabled people with the narrative that we "show us [able-bodied] people the little things that are important] and by saying that disable people cannot succeed to his definition of success. He also did not remove footage of another persons autistic daughter even after asked repeatedly to do so, only blurred her face.
T Lindsay
T Lindsay преди 9 дни
@08mlascelles Thank you so much for this genuine critique! It has come to my attention that not a lot of people know the terms or spaces to look for this information. I think his genuine compassion and outrage for other injustices is what shocked and appalled me so much, I really do want to believe if he knew the ramifications of this type of event he would join others like internet personalities Rhett and Link, who have withdrawn. I just wrote a bit of a mini essay for another comment so I'll hop back over and repost it here because I truly believe more people should know. These "charities" make their decisions that shape the public perceptions of our autistic identities, often with only one or two autistic board members that they actively work to silence while the rest of their boards heavily feature corporate interests. If nothing else that is one of the most important reasons it is important to listen to #actuallyaustic voices.
08mlascelles преди 15 дни
I truly don’t mean to be obtuse here, but after more than one google search, I didn’t see any evidence of Next for Autism being a bad organisation... You clearly feel very strongly about them, and I’d just like to know why? John Oliver seems like a very compassionate person who puts his money where his mouth is, and I doubt he would knowingly support a bad organisation. I genuinely just want to know why you hate the organisation so much! All the best either way mate.
ndisfoshiz преди 18 дни
As someone who went to catholic school their whole life, I can confidently say we were taught that the civil war was fought because of slavery. I didn’t even know about the state’s rights bill shit until watching the confederacy piece. Even as a 9 year old child I knew slavery was wrong and a terrible thing. Also that Harriet Tubman was an amazing woman who freed slaves because it was the right thing to do.
d d
d d преди 19 дни
Sad mummy orgasm: been responsible for a few of those and for that I do apologise...
7tonsofsalt преди 20 дни
just wanting to ignore your country's wrongdoings is one of the least patriotic things you can do, change my mind
S.O.S. Exploration
S.O.S. Exploration преди 22 дни
Tucker doesn't realize after he said that Trump frequently did that along with personal issues addressed at gatherings that are irrelevant to political conversations. Who wants Trump rambling about his votes at your wedding? That is about as bad as the one drunk guy you get at every wedding... 😣
Ryan Leary
Ryan Leary преди 10 дни
That’s because Tucker is a chief disciple of The orange hemorrhoid & carries out whatever the last guy preached & stood by everything he said, he meant what he said & acted on it
Edward Elizondo
Edward Elizondo преди 22 дни
Just catching this story and it is so untrue. Sorry John Oliver you got it all wrong. No one human can learn every fact about a subject and all of society can not be held accountable. The human experience is based on a number of things (education, upbringing, experience, etc.) you just want to blame and judge. Your point is to get you ratings. Good luck I know you need to make a living.
Barbara Ludden
Barbara Ludden преди 22 дни
If you don't teach histories truth how can we hope or expect the future to be better. There are some of us who actually did study history and I would argue that the American school system dose exactly what it was intended to. They teach us just enough to provide low level labour job's, to fear and never argue with authority, and when we are being unfairly attacked and harmed to suck it up and absolutely know that the authorities are not going to help but. Quite the contrary if you rase too much hell about it the authorities will turn on you. All of that were clear messages I received growing up in public school, I was taught all of that in as a bullied white kid in a small town America. I think if I had had to deal with endemic racism also I likely would have ended up in jail for violently venting my frustration, that almost happened as things were. So do I think the schools are failing, not unless you believe they are there to educate your children. What they are there for is to train, limit, and enculturate them making them better cogs in the machine.
luvsacar u
luvsacar u преди 23 дни
I remember in Northern VA, we were taught that tariffs and trade were involved. I latched on to the idea of trade a MAIN cause for so long.
luvsacar u
luvsacar u преди 23 дни
Yall talkin forgoten history and non yall mf's mention the Berber wars
luvsacar u
luvsacar u преди 23 дни
Now everyone knows, thanks Jonh. UUUGGGHHH! IT WAS A SECRET WE TRUSTED YOU WITH!!!!
Cracking Breznuts
Cracking Breznuts преди 23 дни
Laura: "are you sensing a theme here" Me: "you're forgetting the most important subject math" Also me: oh yeah I'm an American
Izzy преди 23 дни
My story about my ignorance of black history isn't American, but it does pertain to slavery. When I was in school, I was taught about the Atlantic slave trade, how despicable the conditions on the ships were, what life on the plantations was like, and about the Underground Railroad. We also got taught that the slave trade was abolished in the British Empire in 1807, and that in 1833 we abolished slavery entirely. Fast forward a few years. A documentary by noted black historian David Olusoga is on the TV. I'm not really watching it, but whatever I'm doing otherwise is not engaging enough to stop me from intermittently paying attention to it. I happen to see Olusoga start talking about reparations when slavery was abolished. Not reparations to the slaves. Reparations to the slaveOWNERS. We paid £20 million - 40% of HM Treasury's annual income at the time - to slaveowners to compensate them for the loss of the human beings they owned. A fundamental fact about the history of slavery in my country's empire, and a grievous injustice, and I only learnt about it because I happen to be occasionally glancing a documentary that was on only by chance. That's not right. I shouldn't have acquired that knowledge in such a haphazard way. It should have been taught to me and my classmates in school. Black people deserve better. Frankly, everybody deserves better. I feel lied to, and far dirtier for knowing that, consciously or unconsciously, the truth was kept from me than for knowing that our moment of enacting the bare minimum of humanity and morality was sullied by a hideous assessment of who was wronged by slavery and who deserved restitution. We need to do better.
ztgglis преди 24 дни
The only language Tucker can speak is the language of Sneer.
Violet Laurentis
Violet Laurentis преди 24 дни
18:05 Correction: the only successful coup d'état ever to take place on American soil.
The Video Garden
The Video Garden преди 24 дни
What's sad is that I live in Wilmington NC and I never knew anything about this being the location of the first "Coup de' etat" (sp?) WOW. I am amazed at not knowing that!!
Cam Lande
Cam Lande преди 24 дни
"Only coup on american soil" that quote doesn't age well
Jacob Theurer
Jacob Theurer преди 25 дни
My school was great, but quite a bit I didn't know. I either forgot it or it wasn't tought
InfoJunkie преди 25 дни
It's ironic that Morgan Freeman is reading John Lewis' words since Freeman is a total sell out to his people
Mustashee преди 25 дни
He did not just call Obama greasy I can't fucking believe the disrespect Carlson has for this man
Miss Eagleson
Miss Eagleson преди 25 дни
Love you
Ramdzuanny Musram
Ramdzuanny Musram преди 25 дни
So this is why Japan and the US are best friends. Both have the same habit of lying to their children about their horrible past
Cindygr8ce преди 25 дни
Sure it was about States Rights the Southern States wanted to keep the right to OWN people. So unless it's being presented that fashion then no it's not about States rights
depressocaffeine преди 25 дни
I learned about the Tulsa massacre from a Twitter thread, days before I watched the first episode of Watchmen. It was the first time I had ever heard about it, and the more I learned about it the more I realized just how much history was just completely buried. I learned about Juneteenth around the same time, when I saw many Black twitter users that I followed talking about it in reference to trump's rally. I'd never once heard of it before then.
TNO73 преди 26 дни
I wonder if Americans know that slavery wasn't localized to just their country. Throughout history slaves have been kept. As of 2018 India still had upwards of 8 million slaves. Other countries such as China, Pakistan, North Korea, Nigeria, Indonesia all still have slavery. As usual America only wants to focus on themselves, but surprise there is a whole big world outside your borders in which over the years every type of skin colour has been made a slave. We need to LEARN from our past, but not let it define us.
rogers mbogo
rogers mbogo преди 27 дни
The main problem with america is lack of acceptance to there mistakes . mistakes is how we learn
rogers mbogo
rogers mbogo преди 27 дни
Slavery in africa excited but it didn't aim to demin them rather than to assimilation to society like the results of kikuyu and maasai relationship after war like wayaki wa hinga who is a kikuyu heroe in the fight for independence yet his grandma was of maasai origin
Karen Moore
Karen Moore преди 27 дни
Fr. Badger
Fr. Badger преди 27 дни
Frank Maitland
Frank Maitland преди 27 дни
Your splitting hairs on Washington. His prenuptial agreement said "he could not free the slaves his wife owned when they were married.
Andrew Wareing
Andrew Wareing преди 27 дни
Laura Ingraham: Nazi Barbie
Tiye McLymont
Tiye McLymont преди 27 дни
Sometimes I hate being black, and this is why. Everywhere in the world, being dark is bastardized and abused. Ignored. Forgotten. I hate it. I fucking hate it.
Some Weeb
Some Weeb преди 27 дни
Do you think that the populations of Saudi Arabia and Iraq know about the Arab slave trade, which was 4 times larger than the european one.
history and world affairs
history and world affairs преди 9 дни
People only judge Europe and America
Nick Wertz
Nick Wertz преди 27 дни
He all out attacked Shane Dawson and I love it
Naomi Rivin
Naomi Rivin преди 28 дни
Okay but the subtle call out of Shane Dawson when he mentioned a BGpostr who did blackface for years and is only now realizing it was and still is wrong.
some Czech guy
some Czech guy преди 28 дни
13:55 yes actually i am sensing a theme, a theme of bullshit.
Giovanni Rivera
Giovanni Rivera преди 28 дни
I would love to hear from the people that don’t want Confederate Statues being taken down because it would erase history.
Aditya Kumar
Aditya Kumar преди 28 дни
The only coup to take place on American soil . . . So Far . . .
Superslowmojoe преди 29 дни
Lauren Ingram is right for all the wrong reasons about racism lol Edit: I meant about her saying that capitalism and the Constitution are racist btw
fgc nomad
fgc nomad преди 29 дни
White culture and history is non existent without racism. I mean in a way America was responsible for inspiring HITLERs beliefs and tactics via eugenics lol
Michael Manion
Michael Manion преди 29 дни
I felt horrible when I first learned about Juneteenth because I couldn't believe it was the first time I had heard it. It makes me feel a little better that an African American man from Tulsa didn't learn about it till college. Knowledge is the start before meaningful change can happen. We can't hide our past because it will only hinder our future.
Ron Rogers
Ron Rogers преди 29 дни
I found out about this when I was 70
sr420det преди 29 дни
What a good piece
Joeridge Ross
Joeridge Ross преди 29 дни
Aged terribly. Oliver got duped by Chinese stealth propaganda.
Connor Tobin
Connor Tobin преди месец
Oh past John Oliver, if only you had remained correct about that being the only coupè de ta on American soil. If only the election riots didn’t happen
EnMaMu14 преди месец
At first I thought "whats bad in mentioning the history of slaves in the US by playing role plays" but then again im German and we would never make a role play where one of us plays a nazi. These tasks they give children in america is horrendous xD
Hazy Heel
Hazy Heel преди месец
So I’m a history major, longtime fan of the show and a liberal, but I do have a tiny bit of a problem with saying that the states was not the cause of the civil war. TECHNICALLY, it was, because states were pissed that the federal government had been making laws regulating slavery, so they seceded. So it when right wing people say that states rights were a cause of the civil war, they are correct, however the specific rights that those states wanted to have is over slavery. So both are correct, and I do think schools should make that clear
Aaron Alvarado
Aaron Alvarado преди месец
Part of the issue is that they are hearing it from the race there oppressing they need to hear it from someone who they listen to which is another thing to deal with but the point is that they will not listen to those they believe are not equal to them and that is pretty messed up
marcus stokes
marcus stokes преди месец
I was taught that racist folks were uneducated so I used to feel pity for them because to know was something great and they didn't have the knowledge which was sad to me as a kid.
BrokeredHeart преди 2 дни
Sadly, it's not just ignorance of their country's racist history, it's a large portion of society that have been instructed in race theory and who willfully ignore it anyway because it makes them uncomfortable. Look at the number of states currently pushing bills to ban critical race theory from being taught in schools, on the grounds that it makes white students "feel guilty." They're shifting that feeling of distress and despair back onto those who weren't born white or straight, while coddling their kids into believing that there's always been equal opportunity for all, but just white families were the ones smart enough and resourceful enough to work for it. So, I hope you don't have much sympathy for them any longer, because these are deliberate decisions being made to keep children from gaining empathy and perspective.
pop5678eye преди месец
Pretending a problem doesn't exist will not solve it. Pretending a disease does not plague you will not cure it. Pretending racism does not exist will not end it.
pop5678eye преди месец
'Unjust to Stalin:' every historical account factually reporting the horrors of the Holodomor...
Callsign Starbuck Viper Dragon
Callsign Starbuck Viper Dragon преди месец
Wow lookee there! One of the Dr. Suess books that got canceled for.... being racist. Go figure, John Oliver always doing it before it’s cool
Katherine Strothman
Katherine Strothman преди месец
Growing up in the south and being raised by leftists, my parents taught me to challenge the “states rights” claim by asking the rhetorical question : “ a states right to what? Own people?”
hedgehog3180 преди месец
I find it bizarre that I have a better understanding of the civil war than most Americans from my Danish history class. That's not to say that Denmark gets this stuff right our history books tend to skip over Greenland and how we participated in the slave trade but it definitely shows that this is very much a political issue.
MyNameIs Ritzo
MyNameIs Ritzo преди месец
As an American that is finally seeing whats happened/happening in my country I'm just ashamed.
DryBones271 преди месец
I'm Canadian, and my History class was not about Canadian History, we mainly learned European History.
dan mc
dan mc преди месец
John, is it possible to speak about British history? Especially in Ireland as I don't think it gets taught in British schools. Sad times.
seamus maguidhir
seamus maguidhir преди месец
The victors don't write the history they write self congratulatory fiction that justified all their bad acts.
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